Sunday, January 1, 2017

Entire rock and mineral collection for sale.  Consists of 5 selenites, dog tooth calcite, calcanthite, stibnite on chalcidney, large amethyst on marble base with two clear quartz crystals growing out of it, quartz geode, two specimens of perfect-cleavage, clear quartz buttons, agate, green and white aventurine, onyx, obsidian, ten pound milky quartz, polished cut through a quartz geode, aquamarine beryl, large clear quartz geode, gold foil, petrified wood, pink calcite, white calcite and small, white calcite rhoms, natural, nine-inch, perfect cleavage, clear quartz crystal, a bunch of specimens that I can't identify, carnelian, blue sodalite, chrysoprase, tiger eye, rose quartz, ultramafic peridots and pyroxine or dunite (I cannot tell the difference), hematite, hematine (synthetic, but very magnetic), two octohedral fluorites, red and beige jasper, two optical calcites, one to one and a half inch clear quartz, two smoky quartz, laboradorite, blue apatite, lepidolite, two pyrites, rhodocrocite, magnetite, hematite, green aventurine, red aventurine, zincite, azurite, malachite, foliated siltstone, cobalt ore, four colorless halites, tourmaline, kyanite, fluorescent franklinite, fluorescent calcite, biotite mica schist, five conchoidal fluorites and polished crystals.  Not all specimens are in this picture.
$  1695

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