Thursday, December 29, 2016

Divided wooden cubicles, this collection holds 32 rocks and minerals collected from around the world.   Specimens include: quartzite, jasper, chrysoprase, zincite, blue apatite, lepidolite, red aventurine, red sandstone, green aventurine, tiger eye, muscovite schist, halite, crysotile, quartz vein, muscovite mica, onyx, black chert, marble, carnellian, scoria, fushite mica, amethyst, biotite mica schist, breccia, anthracite coal, vesicular basalt, potassium feldspar granite, blue sodalite, milky quartz, rhodonite, white calcite and fluorite.

The inside of the box lid contains the identification table.


  1. Hi how much is this one and how to I buy it? Or I would buy the one in the wood box. Please email me @

  2. How much does it cost for the large boxed collection like the last one in the video?