Thursday, December 29, 2016

Minerals and Crystals From Around the World.

$10 discount

This collection is in a dark brown box and a bronze lid, with red shag, wooden cubes for each mineral.  Minerals include: green aventurine, zincite, malachite, carnelian, phrenite, halite, fluorite, onyx, smoky quartz, blue apatite, clear quartz, amethyst, blue sodalite, jasper, lepidolite and hematite.
$45-$10 for a typo (the extra " 12) blue sodalite" should not be in the list on the inside of the lid.  Number 13 is okay.

Minerals From Around the World

Rock and mineral collection of specimens from around the world.  Collection contains: hematite, calcite, lapis lazuli, onyx, aquamarine beryl, chrysoprase, red aventurine, green aventurine, red jasper, tiger eye, biotite mica schist, amethyst, carnelian lepidolite, blue apatite, halite, truqouise, fushite mica, rhhodonite and chrysotile.  $35

Divided wooden cubicles, this collection holds 32 rocks and minerals collected from around the world.   Specimens include: quartzite, jasper, chrysoprase, zincite, blue apatite, lepidolite, red aventurine, red sandstone, green aventurine, tiger eye, muscovite schist, halite, crysotile, quartz vein, muscovite mica, onyx, black chert, marble, carnellian, scoria, fushite mica, amethyst, biotite mica schist, breccia, anthracite coal, vesicular basalt, potassium feldspar granite, blue sodalite, milky quartz, rhodonite, white calcite and fluorite.

The inside of the box lid contains the identification table.

$8 discount.

This collection of lapis lazuli, blue apatite, carnelian, rhodonite, lepidolite, aquamarine beryl, biotite mica schist, calcite, onyx, blue sodalite and chrysoprase are mounted on a 19 inch, felt bottomed wood stand.  This is a beautiful collection for the office or home.  $35 minus $8 due to a typo for a total of $27.  The typo is sadalite.  It should be sodalite



Kyanite, Virginia USA.  These dark brown, perfect cleavage crystals fan out in shape.  Each one is $3

Saturday, December 3, 2016



While selling crystals at the Fair in the Square, Verona, NJ (every December), I met a very friendly yoga instructor.  I highly recommend her for her yoga school Verona Yoga [(973) 551-yoga (].