Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Many different specimens

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  1. Some rocks and minerals that I have are blue sodalite, green and red aventurine, chrysoprase, blue apatite, aquamarine beryl, biotite mica, muscovite mica, fuschite mica, onyx, pyrite, kyonite, lepodolite, zincite, fluorescent Franklinite, magetite, uraninite, volcanic lava in the form of vesciular basalt and scoria, chrysotile, quartz veins in granite, black chert, shale, conglomerate, breccia, amethyst, chevron amethyst, jade, milky quartz, ultramafics, emeralds, topaz, peridot, red sandstone, silt stone, clay stone, rhodonite, teeth quartz, citrinne, blue apatite, radioactive rocks and minerals, turquoise, malahcite, flourite, potassium feldspar granite, anthracite coal, petrified wood, semiprecious and precious specimens, garnet and others. Inquire for specimens that are not listed here.