Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rocks and Minerals

                     Frank's Beautiful Rocks and Minerals
                                                                                                    Rocks and Minerals for Sale


I am a rocks and minerals prospector.  I have collected specimens of rocks and minerals from the USA and from other countries.  Some specimens that I have collected include onyx, amethyst, citrine, blue apitite, Lapis Lazuli, tourmaline, red and green aventurine, calcite, diorite, basalt, auqamarine beryl, rhodonite, biotite mica, fuschite mica and many others.  I create collections of many specimens in shiny black display boxes, or I mount individual specimens on wooden, felted bases.  To view my full collection, click on the blue "Frank Reiser" symbol on the upper right corner of the screen, select the Google option, and then press photos or any of the other options to see my full collection with prices.  I am open to negotiating a good d

Petrified wood with veins, $5

quartz vein, $4

quartz vein, $4

quartz veins, $4

quartz veins, $4

vesicular basalt (once lava), $3

blue apatite from Madagascar mounted on felt-bottomed slate, $5

blue sodilate from Brazil, mounted on felt-bottomed slate, $5

chrysoprase from Madagascar mounted on felt-bottomed slate, $5

calcanthite from Poland, $59

Rocks and Minerals of New Jersey, including fuschite mica, calcite, quartz geode, red and green aventurine, zincite, fluorescent Franklinite calcite, muscovite mica, milky quartz biotite mica schist and azurite.  EXTRA LARGE SPECIMENS IN LARGE LEATHER DISPLAY BOX, $49
eal for any specimens that you wish to invest in.  If you don't like the specimen, you can return it.  Enjoy the hobby of rock and mineral collecting.

Rocks and Minerals of New Jersey. includes 30 rocks and minerals of all types, such as zincite, biotite schist mica, azurite, diorite and many others, $39
Minerals from Around the World.  Includes 16 rocks and minerals, such as amethyst, blue apatite, lapis lazuli, zincite, aquamarine beryl, quartz geode, muscovite mica, halite, fuschite mica, rhodonite, calcite milky quartz and tourmaline, $39

large specimen of red aventurine, 19

large speimen of green aventurine, $19

Ores of New Jersey.  Collected at Stearling Hill Mine, NJ.  Includes zincite, azurite, fuschite mica, bustamite, magano calcite, muscovite mica, fluorescent and non-fluorescent Franklinite calcite, in individual wooden compartments over felt in shiny box, $45

rare carrolette on felt-bottomed wood base, $35
large specimen of quartz vein, $20

Ores of New Jersey collection on felt-bottomed wood, including azurite, zincite, mangano calcite, fuschite mica and chrysocolla, $25

Large specimen of white and green aventurine mounted on wood, $39

biotite schist mounted on black, felt-bottomed base, $12

Quartz geode on polished marble base, $22

red zincite on felt-bottomed wooden base, $5

blue apatite, $4

polished slice agate, $12


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